Jefferson County invites you to attend a Public Workshop for the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan.

Jefferson County, IN – Over the next 10-12 months, Jefferson County will undergo a planning process to fully update the Comprehensive Plan, which was previously completed in 1999 and adopted in 2003. A comprehensive plan is a legislative document that is required by Indiana Code that looks at twenty years in the future and serves as a guiding document for the location, quality and quantity of growth. Not only will the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan include guidance for future development, it will also establish a county-wide vision and long-range goals for elements such as transportation, utility infrastructure, housing, economic development, quality of place, and quality of life. The Comprehensive Plan will not only establish the planning priorities for the County, but it will also establish funding priorities as well.  Those plans and projects included in the Comprehensive Plan will enable the County to pursue funding opportunities through State and Federal grant programs. 

While this plan focuses on how the land in the county should be used, it is not a zoning ordinance, nor is it a legally binding document. In addition, the County’s Comprehensive Plan will not cover the City of Madison or the Town of Hanover because they are outside of the County’s planning jurisdiction. However, the planning process will include interaction and collaboration with these municipalities to ensure the comprehensive plans support each other and compliments each where there are areas that overlap. 

This planning process will include three phases of development, with public engagement opportunities in each phase. In this first phase, the County will be hosting a public workshop to gather ideas, feedback, and input from residents, business owners, property owners and all other interested parties. This workshop will be held on July 30th from 6:00-8:00 pm at Ivy Tech Madison (590 Ivy Tech Drive, Madison, IN) in their lecture hall. This workshop will not include a formal presentation but will provide a flexible open time where attendees can arrive at any point during the time of the workshop and stay as long as desired.  The intended goal of the workshop is for citizens to provide their ideas on how to make Jefferson County a better place to live, work and play.  These ideas are essential to help develop a complete and meaningful County Comprehensive plan with the aim of enhancing Jefferson County. 

“We want to encourage and challenge our community to be active in the County’s future and attend this upcoming workshop. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to share their ideas for the future and help develop a vision and a plan for Jefferson County,” stated David Bramer, County Commissioner.

Following this initial public visioning workshop, there will be an online survey available for those not able to attend the meeting in person.  If citizen groups and committees are not able to attend the workshop, they can contact the County outside of the planning workshops to share their ideas.  These ideas will be included with those collected at the planning workshops and online surveys in the planning process for the development of the Comprehensive Plan.  The County will host a second workshop at the end of the year for the public to provide input on the plan recommendations. The Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan is expected to be completed next year and once adopted will be referenced and utilized by decision makers as it relates to land use or other recommendations listed in the plan.